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Crucial Documentation and Paperwork for South African Citizens

Key Points to Grasp

According to Spanish regulations, an international digital nomad or remote worker is defined as someone performing work-related activities online for companies outside Spain. South African citizens who fit this profile are no exception.

Individuals within this category, with the necessary qualifications or professional skills, can apply for a visa from their current location or a residence permit if they already have legal residency in Spain.

This visa or permit allows South African citizens to live and work anywhere in Spain. Depending on employment laws related to age, this right might also extend to family members.

Important Note

South African citizens planning to work in Spain must ensure their employer is based outside of Spain.

For self-employed South African citizens, there is an exception that allows you to work with a Spanish company as long as this work does not exceed 20% of your total professional activities.

Eligibility Requirements

The provision is mainly for non-EU nationals who wish to live in Spain while working exclusively through IT, telecommunication, and online methods.

Determining Your Status

Your current location at the time of application—either inside or outside Spain—affects the type of permit you need to telework from Spain.

If you are outside Spain, apply for an international teleworking visa. If you are legally in Spain, apply for a residence permit for international teleworkers.

Qualification Criteria for Digital Nomads

Visa and residence permits must be sought by those intending to telework in Spain. There are specific personal and professional requirements for the teleworker and the foreign company they are employed by or provide services to.

Essential Eligibility Criteria

Sufficient financial resources to support yourself and any accompanying family members.

Visa and permit holders must have a monthly income of at least 200% of the Spanish minimum wage

For family units, a minimum income of 75% of the Spanish minimum wage for the primary dependent and 25% for each additional family member.

– Applicants must be 18 years or older.

No criminal records in Spain or any country where they resided in the last five years.

Not barred from entering Spain or listed in agreements Spain has with other countries.

Maintain a professional relationship of at least three months with the companies they plan to telework for.

Hold health insurance recognized by an approved Spanish insurer, or register with the Spanish Social Security if no bilateral agreement exists with South Africa.

Pay the necessary visa or permit processing fee.

Company/Organization Requirements

Provide evidence that the foreign company has been operating for at least one year.

Provide documented approval for remote work from Spain, detailing job role, salary, and terms.

Show proof of social security coverage, including health benefits, either through an agreement with Spain or by registering with Spanish Social Security.

Visa Validity Period

The visa is valid for one year, allowing teleworking in Spain. If you wish to stay longer, apply for a residence permit for international teleworkers within 60 days before your visa expires. The permit lasts up to three years and can be renewed every two years if conditions remain met.

Can Family Members Join You?

Yes, family members can join you. They can apply for a visa or permit simultaneously or later. Eligible family members include:

–   Legal spouse or registered partner.

–  Children under the legal age or economically dependent adult children.

– First-degree relatives dependent on the permit holder or spouse/registered partner.

Steps to Follow for the Digtial Nomad Visa Application

1. Download and complete the national visa form.

2. Schedule an appointment with the relevant diplomatic mission or consulate.

3. Pay the visa processing fee.

4. Submit the required documents for evaluation.

5. Wait for the decision, which will be communicated via email

3 Years Permit Application

1. Download and complete the MI-T form and MI-F form for dependents, if applicable.

2. Pay the application fee (form 790, fee 038).

3. Submit your application online through the UGE-CE platform.

4. Wait for feedback on your application status.

Required Documentation

All documents must be translated into Spanish and properly legalized. Documents from countries in the Hague Convention need a Hague Apostille; otherwise, diplomatic legalization is required.

Visa and Permit Processing

– Permit processing can take up to 20 days.

– Visa application fee: around €60.

– Permit application fee: €73.26 (non-refundable).

For more details, visit the Spanish Government’s Immigration Portal and the UGE-CE website. Always stay updated with current regulations to ensure a successful application.

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